CraftSkin Faux Leather Black

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CraftSkin faux leather is the ultimate substitute for real leather. First of all because no animals are hurt in the making of CraftSkin. Second, because of all the added qualities compared to real leather.

Compared to real leather, CraftSkin is:

  • Easier to work with
  • 100% breathable
  • 15 times more durable
  • Half the weight
  • Double tear resistance
  • Only 0.8 mm thick

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CraftSkin faux leather is made of a 100% breathable microfiber with the look, feel and experience of real leather. Making it not only more comfortable to use and wear, but also easier to work with compared to real leather. Because of it’s high moisture absorbing and vaporizing abilities CrafSkin faux leather gives you a high level of comfort and hygiene.

Not only is wearing CraftSkin faux leather a better experience, but working with it is also alot easier compared to real leather. Because CraftSkin is only 0.8 mm thick it is much easier to cut, sow and make cosplay or costume patterns with. CraftSkin is also 15 times more durable and has twice the tear resistance of real leather, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Even for your special cosplay or costume needs CraftSkin faux leather is available in a wide variation of colors. Making CraftSkin the perfect choice for your cosplay costumes, props and details.

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